“I booked a session at HMVS recently to record a voice reel for my Spotlight page. Eva came up with some excellent suggestions beyond what I brought along and the recording went very easily. Their equipment was excellent and the atmosphere was really relaxed which put me at my ease. Nice guys too!! Many thanks.”  Sam Parks, Actor (Silent Witness, RSC - Globe Theatre, Les Miserable.)

“GREETINGS IN DUB IR : Indigenous  Resistance recently had 2 tracks mixed and engineered by Paul at HMVS. The track featured Jamaican  author Dutty Bookman reading excerpts of his book "Tried & True: Revelations Of A Rebellious Youth " over music featuring Sawandi and Omar Shariff in Jamaica and Dr Das in Belgium. All the musicians and the author involved in the track have raved about the beauty and soulful dub feeling of the mix . This is an awesome place to mix music in !!!!!!!!”

DUBWISE KOKONDA DUB from IR :: Indigenous  Resistance

“I spent some time recording the group Dub Colossus in HMVS studios, Belsize Park. It was a very enjoyable experience, the studio sounds great, the recording room is very good for recording everything from drums/percussion to bass, guitar, brass sections and vocals. Eva and Paul were fabulous engineers, helped us get the results we wanted and the studio is full of weird and wonderful bits of equipment. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone! (Plus the cafe serves great cakes).”

Nick Page aka Dubulah (Dub Colossus, Transglobal Underground)

Testimonials from recent HMVS clients.

"Many thanks to HMVS for providing the goods during the King L Man sessions. It was quick and painless.”

D. WATTS, producer - Ear Conditioning

“The students had a great time, they really enjoyed getting the time working on their writing in a professional capacity. Eva was brilliant with them, so encouraging and supportive. Watching her work her magic at the desk was a learning experience in itself. The experience of getting that time in the studio was priceless for the students, almost all had never even written their own plays - let alone had the opportunity to record and produce them to such a level. What a way to write coursework! It got them in a creative zone so much more than the classroom! We cannot thank you enough.”

Rebecca Moss (A-level teacher at Queens Park Community School)

"I used HMVS to record bass for my post ADF solo project "Emergency Basslines" and also for Dub Colossus. I have also done listening sessions there to check mixes and balances done elsewhere and recorded sounds for a remix. It's a versatile little space with professional gear and attitude and a very friendly atmosphere."

DR DAS, bass player (Asian Dub Foundation, Dub Colossus)

“When I needed a place to make the final adjustments and last minute tweaks to my mixes before the vinyl mastering stage, it was HMVS I went to. It really made the difference having the experience of their engineers at such a crucial stage.“

Junq - www.artmechanical.net

“Moones used the HMVS studio to create a palate of unique sounds for their live show. The broad range of traditional analog synths and the impeccable skill and confidence of producer Paul Chivers resulted in a streamlined, colourful experience.”


"This is a fantastically useful little studio a hop away from Belsize Park tube. Eva Brandt and Paul Chivers the sound technicians have fantastically good ears, which, combined with top notch microphones, professional approach to running a recording session, good sound insulation, super efficient mixing and very reasonable rates has made this a first on my list for the kind of acoustic multi-layered cello, voice and keyboard stuff I use as backing tracks for my cabaret show. Highly recommended."

Zoe Martlew Cellist and performer www.zoemartlew.com/

I've recorded music in the HMVS studio twice. Both sessions were highly productive and enjoyable. The second session was with a very young singer that needed encouragement. It was her first recording studio session and it has inspired her to want to do a lot more.

Juwon Ogungbe (Composer-performer; www.juwonogungbe.com )

“The studio is buzzing with creative energy and supportive atmosphere. I loved my time working in there and can't wait to get in there again !”

Award-winning playwright director Che Walker www.chewalker.co.uk/

“I have worked in the studio at Wac Arts on many occasions - booth as a singer doing my own work and as a tutor supporting upcoming singers in an educational environment.

Both Paul and Eva have an impeccable professional approach to their work and all concerned are assured that they are in good hands and that there is a genuine interest in producing the very best quality of work.

Paul and Eva are two very open and relaxed individuals, so achieving the very best is easy in such a welcoming and organised environment. The equipment works, the rooms are small but comfortable and the whole experience is guaranteed to leave you wanting more!”

Rachel Bennett Vocal Coach and performer www.raiemusic.com/

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