Some of the services we offer at HMVS:

• Music recording and mixing

• Vocal to backing track recording & mixing

• Voiceover recording

• Radio shows and interviews

• Radio Drama recording

• Pod-cast recording

• Audio editing, restoration & enhancing

• Mastering, matching and compilation.

• Postproduction

  1. Music Technology Training

Get in touch for our current rates, you are also welcome to visit the studio in person to discuss a potential project and to check out the studio.

Facilities and equipment include:

24 track recording facility with 2 live rooms

DDA interface 16 channel 4 bus analogue console

Neumann, EV, AKG, SE, Shure and Rode microphones

Focusrite and TLA Pre-Amps

ProTools, Logic Pro and Ableton for recording

Delivery in any standard formats - hard copy or via online transfer.

For full Studio Spec list, click here.



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